2023 Testimonials

“Another awesome tour! Jay Buckley’s Baseball Tours are the gold standard in baseball tours. Great itineraries, great hosts, and great people make them the only choice for the avid baseball fan!” – Steve & Mary Conradt, Wisconsin

 “This was the best experience ever. Great seats at all the games. Awesome group of people. We will be back.” – Connie Bretzius & Hortence Gary-Nickerberry, California

“A bucket list trip. Exceeded expectations and more.” – Alan & Edwina Mooneyham, South Carolina

“WOW! No other words are needed. I have never been part of a tour that has been so amazing, awesome, and run so smoothly. This was not only a baseball fan’s dream, but anyone would enjoy this adventure. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! Memories of a lifetime!!” – Courtney Paulseth, Minnesota

“It was a wonderful trip – 10 out of 10! We felt it was worth the money and hope to go again.” – Shari & Brent Fedders, Iowa

“Tour was over and beyond what we envisioned! Thank you so much!” – Brad & Marsha Larson, South Dakota 

“Great tour, games, sightseeing, and really great group to travel with. I love the game but the people are why I come back. Everyone is so friendly and they become your “family” for a week.” – Laura Nygaard, Wisconsin

 “It was a great tour, and we are already planning the next tour destination. There seems to be a lot of repeat customers by the number of tours everyone has done. There needs to be a Buckley Bobblehead!!!” – Gerry Brown, California 

“Great experience; we learned a lot. It’s wonderful to have the entire trip organized with nothing to worry about. Would definitely take another tour.” – Ross & Julie Houston, Texas

“We do quite a bit of traveling, but don’t schedule our other trips until we have settled on our Buckley trip for the year.” – Jim & Becky Ehler, Illinois

“I was expecting to have fun, and ended up having much more fun than I thought was possible! A great mix of baseball and non-baseball sights and information. Well-planned schedule, and just a wonderful atmosphere overall. Well done, guys! I will definitely be back.” – Gail Whitecotton, Nebraska

“Nothing less than an A+ rating would indicate our enjoyment of the tour.” – Charlie & Kathy Aiken, Indiana

“First class operation all the way. Well worth the money. Definitely family oriented.” – Robert Goulder, Virginia

2022 Testimonials

“Overall a fantastic experience, our driver and escorts were top notch. Great venues, great baseball, wonderful people.”
Janet Hazzard, Michigan

“These tours represent everything good about America. They make you fall in love with the great American road trip again. Thank you for the best family vacation ever. I can’t imagine a better, more immersive, well rounded vacation. Never had a better trip anywhere.”
Lana Cotter, Wyoming

“We did not know what to expect, but we had a great time and it was so nice not worrying about anything. What a great way to see 6 parks and meet new friends.”
Dave Houston & Melanie Martin, Texas

“It’s always a delight to tour on a Jay Buckley tour. Everything is taken care of, making it a stress free trip.”
Tim, Valerie & Justin Hostetter, Kansas

“They are fantastic. Great job on tickets. Thank you! Jay Buckley trips are awesome. Everyone is a baseball fan and you meet such nice people. Highly recommend!”
Jeff Williams, Maine

“This was my first Buckley tour. I came in with high expectations and they were greatly exceeded. I can honestly call this a trip of a lifetime.”
Joshua Klein, Minnesota

“From our first tour in 1993, through this—our ninth—Jay Buckley’s Baseball Tours has given us great memories. Every tour we take adds to our circle of friends!”
Steve & Nancy Stedman, California

“Best way to see ballparks. I love that you carefully prepare and execute trips flawlessly. Getting to see College World Series was great, but being able to feel the magic at the Field of Dreams was priceless.”
Tina Conn, Pennsylvania

“Everything was well put together. Can’t wait to do another trip every year. World class organization. Jay Buckley’s Baseball Tours deserves a place in Cooperstown.”
Garrett Lindow, Wisconsin

“My husband and I had been on 12 Buckley trips. This trip I traveled with my 17 year old grandson. My joy was that he had a great time enjoying the park, big cities, and the wonderful fellow travelers.”
Sandi Auseth, Wisconsin

“We loved the extra baseball “nuggets” being people who love the history of baseball. This was a “bucket list” trip for us!”
Peter & Belen Eck, Texas

“This was an incredible experience—an absolute must for any true baseball fan. The Buckley crew really takes care of you from A to Z; a professionally run organization all the way.”
Margie Tieslau, Texas

“This was my third Jay Buckley tour and the quality provided continues to amaze me. I was blessed to have my son, grandson and brother on this trip and we made many lasting memories. We plan on returning!”
Mike Sisley, Indiana

2021 Testimonials

“Great family atmosphere. Really enjoy the tours! Second one but not our last.”
Tracy & Kristen Willett, New York

“On a Buckley Tour, I expect quality and I always get it.”
Wendell Uutala, Wisconsin

“Trip of a lifetime—I’ll do more in future! – A SATISFIED customer”
Dave York, Kansas

“Jay Buckley’s Baseball Tours always exceed my trip expectations. They make everything so easy. Definitely looking forward to more trips in the future.”
Allen Wieseler, Minnesota

“Just can’t describe how wonderful each trip has been. I’m addicted!”
Bob Schmautz, California

“Tour was great! AMAZING SEATS EACH TIME!! What I can’t get over is the diversity of the tour, we went everywhere!! This trip made me love my dad more than ever and made me fall in love with baseball. Absolutely perfect. Trust me!! Best, most magical trip ever!”
Lana Cotter with dad, Gerry, Wyoming

“We’re already planning our 2022 trip and sharing with anyone who’ll listen what a great experience we had.”
Jerry & Lisa Connors, Iowa

“Another great trip—Just sit back and enjoy the ride and baseball games—Let Jay Buckley’s Baseball Tours make your baseball dreams come true. The only thing they can’t do is make your favorite team win!”
Sharon Wolff, Minnesota

“We loved it all! It was the trip of a lifetime and we are so glad we went! I would recommend it to anyone who loves the game of baseball—no better way to see the cities and ballparks!”
Terry Cahill, Virginia

“I had heard that it was a Class A tour and it was. Definitely would (and have) recommended to others.”
Pat Miller, Arizona

“Love Jay Buckley’s Baseball Tours! No better tour company that provides great service + extra sites + fun!”
Madi & BJ Jackson, California

“I love being with all the other baseball enthusiasts. Love getting to the ballparks when the gates open to explore the parks. Love the sightseeing. My third trip, + I will continue to look forward to future trips!”
Mitchell Brown, California

“We had the time of our lives. A wonderful tour!”
Cody & Jessie Warner, Arizona

“Very efficient and fun way to see lots of MLB parks. No hassle travel with like-minded fans of the game.”
Bob Feller, South Carolina

2019 Testimonials

“This trip not only had baseball for those who love baseball, but also included many things that my wife enjoyed and found interesting.”
Bob Meyer, Minnesota

“This trip was on our bucket list and exceeded our expectations. Have toured with another company and Jay Buckley is by far the best. All aspects of this company are class A.”
Gary & Sue Jarrett, California

“The tour was like going to baseball heaven… without the inconvenience of dying!”
Tom Orsulak, Pennsylvania

“We always love to do one of these trips. We are just amazed at how many people on our bus have been on these trips before. That tells us that Jay Buckley’s Baseball Tours does all of the right things to keep customers coming back year after year!”
Cal & Donalyn Peter, Iowa

“Jay Buckley’s is the best and why I keep coming back year after year.”
Bettye Cotton, Texas

“Great people, great seats, great hotels, great baseball. I have been and will continue to promote the company in Australia.”
Brook Russell, Australia

“Not many times in my life have events gone beyond my hopes and dreams. This tour is a rare moment in time. I shared this time with my daughter and others who have baseball as part of their DNA.”
Susan Lyman, Wyoming

“One of the best family trips we have ever experienced! I would recommend this to anyone.”
Brad, Vicki, & Kelli Walterskirchen, Montana

“Jay Buckley Baseball Tours are the best in the business, bar none!”
Gary Matthews, California

“Very efficient and fun way to see lots of MLB parks. No hassle with travel and very enjoyable with like-minded fans of the game.”
Bob Feller, South Carolina

“Everything was first-rate, from the accommodations to the transportation and the baseball seats and side tours.”
Paul Baldassari, Canada

“Jay Buckley’s Baseball Tours—loved every minute of it! The people, places, bus driver and escorts were all a definite A+!”
Roger & Patti Barker, Texas

“These tours aren’t only for baseball fans, but for anyone who wants to have an awesome adventure!!”
Bill Nelson, Wisconsin

2018 Testimonials

“Our eighth trip and we’ll be back. The fact that the hassles—tickets, lodging, traffic—are dealt with is priceless!”
Steve Stedman, California

“This was my first Buckley tour and it will not be my last.”
Jim Shaefer, Wisconsin

“We are so pleased with Buckley Tours we will plan to do future trips with Buckley—no need to look elsewhere.”
Tim, Valerie & Justin Hostetter, Kansas

“We have traveled with another company—Buckley experience was much more professional!”
Tom & Aaron Ford, California

“This was my 15th trip since 1990 and wife’s 1st Buckley trip ever. She is not a big baseball fan, but she had such a good time she said we will be back for another trip very soon.”
Darrel & Denise Christenson, Arizona

“This was a great father-son trip! We will do a three generation group on our next Jay Buckley tour.”
Larry Rouhoff, Minnesota

“Loved this amazing baseball experience. The people, places, parks, bus driver and escorts were all A+.”
Sue & Gary Jarrett, California

“I think Jay Buckley’s Baseball Tours has this down to an art.”
Rick & Pam Schriewer, Oklahoma

“This tour was a bucket list trip for us and truly exceeded all our expectations.”
Helen & Kelly Michaels, Wisconsin

“The ultimate experience for a couple of baseball junkies!”
BJ & Madi Jackson, California

“We say it every time we take a Buckley trip that we can’t wait for our next trip. Every trip is a trip of a lifetime!”
Jerry & Lisa Connors, Iowa

“I highly recommend Jay Buckley tours, first class all the way.”
Robert Goulder, Virginia

“Absolutely one of the best vacations I’ve ever been on. I will definitely be back for another tour.”
Nathan Winkler, Indiana

2017 Testimonials

“Our seats were amazing and I enjoyed the early arrivals so we could look around the stadiums.”
Jill Tiffany, South Dakota

“All of the hotels were AWESOME! We really did not expect such nice facilities. The breakfasts at all of the hotels were great.”
Becky Powers, Illinois

“Was apparent from the number of repeat riders from past trips that you know your business.”
Robert O’Keefe, New York

“I have been on other sports travel tours with various competitors. Jay Buckley Tours are by far the best in the business. Stands heads above shoulders over the others. I would recommend without reservation to anyone.”
Joseph Macchiaroli, Pennsylvania

“Because of Jay Buckley Baseball Tours, we completed our dream of going to all 30 Major League ballparks! It is so much fun to tour with other baseball enthusiasts.”
Donalyn & Cal Peter, Iowa

“This was my first trip with Jay Buckley Baseball Tours and it won’t be my last.”
Andy Beyer, California

“I loved it. I’m telling all of my friends. Highly recommend to any baseball fan. I cannot wait to do this again!”
Ben Hodnett, Pennsylvania

“I had extremely high expectations and everything was above and beyond. We have recommended the tours to many baseball fans since we returned home. We will definitely
return for more.”
Bryan & Holly Harmon, Missouri

“After thinking about these trips for years, we couldn’t have been happier with the results. The games were great of course, but the ease of travel, the family friendly atmosphere and wealth of knowledge the guides shared was incredible. We’ll be back!”
Bob & Cindy Smith, Illinois

“Jay Buckley tours are phenomenal! We love, love, love them!”
Steve & Vivian Ciniglio, California

“We began the week as 41 strangers on a bus and we ended with 39 new friends. If a person likes baseball they will love a Jay Buckley tour. Stress-free time spent talking, watching and thinking about nothing but America’s greatest pastime.”
Ronald & Donna Carlson, Wisconsin

“Your tours are always done in a very professional manner. I always know traveling with you I can expect the best.”
Ann Schumann, Minnesota

“If you are a baseball fan you have to take one of these tours!”
Dave Harrison, Arizona

“For a baseball fan, short of walking off the “Field of Dreams” and fading away into the cornfield, these trips are as close to heaven as you can get.”
Jim & Penny Brown, South Dakota

2016 Testimonials

“We have found all the Buckley trips to be well organized in providing the baseball that we love. But what makes it even better is the history and facts about each city and the side trips.”
Mil Fisher, Stone Mountain, Georgia

“Coming from the UK, I did not really know what to expect. The tour was very memorable in every respect: the ballpark seating, cities visited, the other members of the tour and the hosts. Thank you for a great trip, I wholly recommend Jay Buckley’s Tours.”
Terry Bennett, Cardiff, United Kingdom

“A Jay Buckley trip is a hit every time! Thanks for all you do to help people make baseball memories and lasting friendships.”
Sharon Wolff, Pipestone, Minnesota

“We loved our trip. Jay Buckley’s Baseball Tours exceeded our expectations! We knew we were going to enjoy the games, but the trip is so much more because every detail is thought out and executed! We will most definitely take another trip because of the excellent service
Jay Buckley’s provides to each passenger!”
Cal & Donalyn Peter, Osage, Iowa

“Comparing Buckley trips is like comparing your children. They are all wonderful.”
 Jim Totz, St. Clair Shores, Michigan

“This was our first Buckley tour and it was exceptional. All the behind the scenes work and organization made the trip hassle free and we saw so much more than we could ever see doing a trip like this on our own.”
Larry & Aaron Lowe, Seattle, Washington

“Seating of the stadiums were all great!”
Tony Mejia, Chino Hills, California

“This was a great trip that followed through with what it advertised and packed a lot of fun things into five days.”
Chuck DeGraf, Cortland, Illinois

“Not knowing what to expect, we were very surprised at all that was included in the price. We look forward to touring with grandsons and other family members. Very good value for baseball fans.”
John & Donna Sexenian, San Diego, California

“It could not have been any better. It was a memorable time for my 21-year-old grandson and me to spend so much enjoyable time traveling together.”
Fred Trainer, Knoxville, Tennessee

“Exceeded expectations by far! Everything was perfect.”
Mary Fochs, Mosinee, Wisconsin

“I’ve been on trips where your day & attitude depended on how others acted. This trip always started with a smile and a laugh.”
Jill Close, Alexandria, Minnesota

2015 Testimonials

“This was my first trip with my daughter and grandson. It was way above what anyone would expect. Thank you for the added little touches. I can’t think of a thing to change.”
Ray Beyer, Farmington, Minnesota

“This is my third Buckley tour and they just keep getting better and better. These tours have just the right mix of city tours, free time and local highlights while still providing as much baseball as possible. Plus, you get to do it with an awesome group of people.”
Kathy Perroni, Trenton, New Jersey

“I took my son on this trip as a graduation present and it was a perfect bonding experience for us before he leaves for college. We created a memory that we will always remember. We can’t wait to go on another tour!”
Dennis Garcia, St. George, Utah

“These trips are the BEST!!”
Murray & Will Peterson, Blenheim, Ontario

“Our tour was very well planned out to maximize our driving and sightseeing opportunities; we did more in the span of a few days than can be imagined”
David Liesberg, Spring Valley, California

“This was my first Jay Buckley Trip and it was GREAT! I have gone with other baseball tour companies but this was better…the hotels, tickets, breakfast and sightseeing, everything was top notch!”
Mike Sisley, Grandview, Indiana

“As expected, another great baseball adventure. Anyone who enjoys the game of baseball should include a Jay Buckley Tour on their bucket list.”
Joan Carlson, Pearce, Arizona

“The Jay Buckley Tour is the absolute best way to see ball parks, cities and everything in between. The history of towns, teams, players and ball parks was amazing.”
Will Poe, Lakeside, California

“This was my first tour with you, so keep doing what you are doing. It was the best, everything was first class.”
Betty Drucker, Mendota Heights, Minnesota

“We loved the whole trip. It was so much fun to travel with other baseball enthusiasts and the trip is more than just baseball. Thank you Jay Buckley Baseball Tours for an awesome experience! We will definitely come on another Jay Buckley trip.”
Cal & Donalyn Peter, Osage, Iowa

“This was my fifth trip with my grandson and it has become a high spot of ours every year. Jay Buckley Tour delivers what it promises and more. We are already planning for next year’s trip.”
Jack Harrald & Davis Nelson, Claiborne, Maryland and Madison, Wisconsin

“The tour far exceeded what I thought we were going to experience. The people on the tour were great and the guides provided insights that enhanced our love of the game.”
Craig Stults, Lincoln, California

“After a week-long amazing baseball trip, we are back to reality. If you have ever wanted to do a baseball tour we highly recommend Jay Buckley’s Baseball Tours. They are in a class of their own!”
Kristin Siciliano, Metairie, Louisiana

2014 Testimonials

“This was our first trip. After two days and seeing how things were run, I doubt it will be our last. Fantastic time, with memories that will serve as great motivation to take another Jay Buckley Tour soon!!”
Steve & Mary Conradt, Clintonville, Wisconsin

“This was our sixth, our son’s third, our daughter-in-law’s and our grandchildren’s first and we’ll ALL will be back. We love your attention to detail and customer centric approach.”
Steve & Nancy Stedman, Sebastopol, California

“What amazed me was that EVERYTHING was taken care of! I literally didn’t have to worry about anything and I continue to be amazed about how easy this was, WELL DONE!!”
Mark Newland, Indianapolis, Indiana

“As an individual who planned and supervised numerous group trips, I must say that Jay Buckley’s Baseball Tours is a “Top Notch Operation”, first class all the way. I will spread the word about the quality and extreme value of my overall experience, outstanding vacation!!”
Joel Latman, Norwich, Connecticut

“We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our tour. Thank you for treasured memories that will last a lifetime!”
Nick & Judi Lebredo, Windermere, Florida

“This tour far exceeded my expectations with the quality of the hotels, the excellent escorts, and the added tours and excursions of historical areas. The tour was a very good value and I have already selected a tour for next year.”
Gerry Brown, San Lorenzo, California

“I like baseball but I’m not crazy about it like my husband but after going on the East Coast trip—I loved the trip!! There is so much more to the trip than baseball, Jay Buckley’s trips imparts a wealth of information about every place we go­—some facts, some humorous stories.”
Lois Pearce, Dubuque, Iowa

“I am impressed with the precision of details that were expertly handled. It was a wonderful experience.”
Les Mann, New York, New York

“I was skeptical about a baseball bus tour but this trip was exceptional. I will recommend Buckley Tours to all friends and will fondly remember this trip forever.”
Ed Sailer North Aurora, IL

“We are already looking forward to our next trip. We feel we were on a first class trip, with first class accommodations and first class travel. All provided by a first class organization.”
Tom & Janet Kuhn, Trimble, Missouri

“All Star Game experience was great! It was something I never expected to be able to do in my life. Thank you for the opportunity!!”
Joy File, Muscoda, Wisconsin

“Thank you for making these trips available and affordable. Having been on four trips now, you have helped create wonderful memories for me, my father and my son. A great experience to do as a family.”
Corry Timpson, Henderson, Nevada

“Loved the tour!! Seats were great; other people on the tour were friendly. People from all across the country – couples, singles, children everyone was happy!!”
Emma Lang, Chicago, Illinois

2013 Testimonials

“When my wife said she wanted to go again on another Buckley Trip, that says it all!”
Stefan Mantovani, Jackson Heights, New York

“This truly was the mother – of – all baseball tours. Baseball, baseball, and more baseball with a constant dialogue to enrich the experience. From history to modern day factoids, this trip was the tour version of Field of Dreams.”
Joan Carlson, Pearce, Arizona

“This was the best experience of my life! I would recommend this tour as a gift for any baseball fan.”
Mark Lewis, Muskegon, Michigan

“Enjoyed everything – had a fantastic time!  This is much more than just a baseball tour, I loved all the extra activities. A memorable trip at a great value, keep up the great work. I can’t wait to take another trip!”
Stephen Gibbs, Crestline, California

“The College World Series Trip – WOW, it should be on bucket list of every baseball fan.”
John Showers, San Antonio, Texas

“Every baseball fan should experience a Jay Buckley’s Baseball Trip.”
Tom Trapp, Madison, Wisconsin

“These trips are a highlight of our summer. It’s the most relaxing and fun way to see baseball that I can imagine. Plus, you get a great dose of America. We’ve been coast to coast with Buckley tours and loved every minute of it!”
Don and David Phillips, Chicago, Illinois

“Jay Buckley’s Baseball Tour was a great ‘Major League’ experience provided by a ‘World Series’ type company.”
Glenn Borum, Warrensburg, Missouri

“These tours just seem to get better each time. Ball park seats were outstanding and hotels were very good.”
Skip Whitehill, San Antonio, Texas

“This is my first trip with Jay Buckley’s tours and it truly exceeded my expectations. From the cities and ball parks we visited to the friendships we made, the enjoyment of this trip will ALWAYS be remembered affectionately.”
Kevin Robbins, Marietta, Georgia

“FAN-TASTIC!! A trip no baseball fan should miss.”
Carl Meilimeger, Waupaca, Wisconsin

“We are rookies but expect to become veterans. This was one of the most fun vacations I have ever experienced. I will recommend Jay Buckley trips to every baseball fan I know.”
Howard and Drew Friedman, Pasadena, California

“When is the next trip?  We are ready to go again. Our 13 year old granddaughter loved it.”
Dick and Nancy Matschke, Hales Corner, Wisconsin

2012 Testimonials

“What was supposed to be one tour with Jay Buckley in 2007 has turned into 21 tours by 2012. The reason is simple, I cannot think of any other way to watch baseball than traveling with Jay Buckley. It is the perfect way to travel and see baseball.”
Henning Kavli Olsen, Stavanger, Norway

“They are the best organized tours and the extras outside of the ballparks make them even more interesting. The people you meet are wonderful and become lifetime friends. Who could ask for more…baseball…old and new friends…great memories!”
Randy & Sue Apple, Delphos, Ohio

“It was great to get back on a Buckley Tour. We tried others but Jay’s is the best!”
Bill & Connie Natzke, Rochester, Minnesota

“Jay Buckley and company takes all the hassle out of the trip and you get to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride of your life. This baseball trip was the most fun experience my son and I have EVER done together!”
Nancy Appl, Castlewood, South Dakota

“WOW – at 75 years old there are not a lot of WOW’s left but this Buckley trip definitely was.”
Mary & Tom O’Day, Davenport, Iowa

“This was without question the most enjoyable baseball tour we’ve ever taken. We’ve been taking these tours for many years with another tour company, and those don’t compare to Jay Buckley’s tours.”
Don & Kay Campbell, Jefferson City, Tennessee

“What a heavenly trip. The price of the trip was far below what it would have cost if we had tried to plan it on our own. We have already decided to take more of these glorious trips in the future.”
Linda & Charley Downen, Redding, California

“This trip was so well organized and well thought out. We didn’t have to worry about a thing. It was a pleasure to leave all the details and driving to a tour company who was so customer oriented.”
Mary Tremblay, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“This trip was perfect for me. Out of a high score of 10, I give it a 11 or 12.”
Gary Hansen, Fort Wright, Kentucky

“This tour’s integration of baseball games and ballpark tours with a wide variety of educational, historical, cultural activities plus tours of major cities is definitely unique and gives you more “bang for your buck!”
Don & Barbara Roeder, Waverly, Iowa

“I have traveled coast to coast as a play-by-play radio/tv sports announcer for years and your baseball tour ranks with the most memorable!”
Connie Alexander, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Our first trip with Buckley tours and it was exceptional. We had a blast! Outstanding guides, driver, well organized and fun filled tour. See you next year.”
Jim Tippy, Ellendale, Minnesota and Barry Tippy, Green River, Wyoming